Grace – A Book of Days by Robert Schuler


What I’ve learned to anticipate from Bob Schuler’s poems is not only the wonderfully precise powers of his observation but the ecstatic sweep of awareness that accompanies it—from Bach to Blues, from Lu Yu to Matisse. These are celebrations that can only come from one truly thankful for words and for living. — Mark Vinz

These new poems by Robert Schuler show the dense, evocative language so characteristic of his work. His midwestern landscapes, birds, flowers, trees, weather, fish and rivers are not so much described as reconstituted. They exist as thick brush strokes in painting or notes in music—arts alluded to again and again in the poems. His poems are brief yet rich, rereadable, their play of word in sound and sense rewarding the reader each time. The intensity of vision, the craft, the imaginative independence of this poet are remarkable. His is a body of writing that still awaits full discovery and appreciation. — Ralph J. Mills, Jr.

Schuler’s poetry appeals to me. It may be the water with fish, the birds, the flowers. It may be the blaze of colors or the jazz rhythms. In GRACE, all of these elements carry us across a plane, not a cycle, of time. We are given to imagine a moment of grace where one might live forever. — Chris Halla

A prolific poet and long-time teacher, professor Schuler uses careful, evocative language to describe trees, birds, and seasons. Excerpt:

Winter Light

the white / wine of light / poured into the black / glass

Robert Schuler is a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI. This is the ninth collection of his poems to be pub-lished. A refugee from California, Schuler spends most of his spare time writing, meditating, walking, skiing and fishing in Wisconsin, an endless source of mys-tery, beauty, and delight.

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