Benthos by Liz Hammond


A highly accomplished poet, the author writes of aging and human relationships. Her writing is energetic and crisp. Excerpt:


And then what? / another explosion, / a vision / life begins again / fuller, freer / true to self / fresh buds in Autumn / the winter wheat / second crop / middle age: / the next birth.

Liz Hammond is originally from the East Coast but has lived several years in Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Waukesha and briefly in Kansas. She currently lives in Waukesha with her husband and two children. Published in Wisconsin Poet’s Calendar, Earth’s Daughters, Hodge Podge and Housewife Writer’s Forum, Liz received a fellowship in poetry from the Kansas Arts Board. Currently she is a staff writer for a suburban Milwaukee news-paper.

Liz Hammond’s poems are a journey, a search to find the com-plexities of “self’ through dreams, through connections with earth, water, sky. We see her “. . . brush away the fog / scrape off the lint.” We watch her “float to nowhere, / in this space that is neither light / nor dark, hot nor cold, / here nor there.” She reminds us that we, too, must take this journey as she did “till I (we) give life to the earth again / and become a field of poems.” – Mariann Ritzer, poet and teacher

In BENTHOS Liz Hammond writes like a woman on fire. Her well-made poems burn and blaze with light and heat. Her energy and excitement are intoxicating; her best lines are crisp and hypnotic. She is a real delight to read. I like BENTHOS very much and heartily recommend it to anyone interested in contemporary American poetry. –Dave Etter, poet

Liz Hammond’s deeply personal poems invite readers to explore an inner world filled with images of silence, water, darkness, stars and dreams. In these poems the maturity of middle age brings with it a yearning for new beginnings, rebirth, and transformation as well as wonder-filled moments of clarity and contentment. Readers who immerse themselves in BENTHOS will discover unexpected pleasures of both self-recognition and revelation. – Philip Zweifel, English professor

Benthos by Liz Hammond, 1998, 28 pp. $12 – Please contact Wolfsong Publications via if you are interested in buying this chap.


A Wolfsong Anthology 1994 – 1999


Selected Poems by A Wolfsong Anthology 1994-1999, 1999, 32 pp. $12. Selected excerpts from Wolfsong Publications chapbooks. Includes Gary Busha, Michael Koehler, Mariann Ritzer, Russell King and Chris Halla.

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