The Skeptic


Announcing the 11th mini, pocket-size chapbook by Gary C. Busha. The books measure 3-1/2 x 4-1/4 inches and are 27 pages. Color of cover will vary.

The newest release is THE SKEPTIC, featuring a long narrative poem “The Skeptic’s Dream.” Unlike earlier books, this one does not include haiku. Instead, these poems combined have a central philosophical theme of skepticism, self doubt, and various musings. Here is an excerpt:

Hocking Apples

Not that we liked the taste no, the fun was in hocking them right under their noses
and getting away with our caps and pockets full
and proving to ourselves how much courage we had
later sitting under the railroad trestle
polishing them on our knees tasting the bitter fruit
saying the only thing worse than
a worm in your apple was finding half a worm
and acting like they were delicious
rubbing out bellies with pride
when the apples made our bellies ache.

We knew every apple tree in the neighborhood
and we knew which apples were the best
and which trees were the most watched
by crusty old swearing men and sharp-nosed widows
behind lace curtains watching beady-eyed
but we didn’t care they hated us for our sneakiness
and we didn’t care they called us greedy bastards
for hocking what they had worked so hard
to keep for themselves.

5 USD – Check/cash only – payable to Wolfsong Pubs., 3123 S. Kennedy Dr., Sturtevant, WI 53177 USA. query: – Allow 2 weeks. Provide complete street mailing address. Buy 3 get the 4th one free


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