Gold Mines by Peter Wild


Peter Wild was born in East-hampton, Massachusetts, and went through high school there. His undergraduate and graduate work through the M.A. degree was at the University of Arizona. He has worked as a fire fighter for the U.S. Forest Service and as a writer/re-searcher for the U.S. Army in Heidelberg, Germany. In 1969 he received a Master of Fine Arts degree in writing from the University of California, Irvine. In addition to his poetry, he is an avid conservationist and a contributing editor of High Country News, a newspaper covering environmental affairs in the Rocky Mountains. Presently he is a member of the creative writing faculty at the University of Arizona.

Wild’s poetry in nature oriented and well crafted. Limited copies or both his books are signed and available at $15 per copy. Excerpt:

Shy Person Disrobing, she threw her skin toward the fire, / and being shy / missed. / All we find is a raincoat / on a bench by the furnace / of the daffodils.

Gold Mines by Peter Wild, 1978, 16 pp. $12 – Please contact Wolfsong Publications via if you are interested in buying this chap.


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