Willowdown by Gary C. Busha

Willowdown by Gary C. Busha

About his idyllic childhood days, “Willowdown” (refering to large willows overhanging the shoreline of the bay) contains several early poems of nature, water, and boyhood. Excerpt: Fourth stanza of “Willowdown”:

“O, morning rainbow,
Willowdown, ever suppressed,
yawns, the sighs, the dispersal
of fragments into memory–
in movements soon forgotten.”

Memory and observation are woven like weeds into a fenceline. There are sudden realizations and the poem comes into focus. Again and again in Willowdown, the poems remind me that in poetry the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” –Tom Montag

“Wires” is one of the finest heartland poems I’ve read in a long time. “Sail Skating” is a peaceful meditation from the innocent perspective of youth. Throughout this collection we visit places in the landscape that help us make sense of both where we are and who we are. – R. Chris Halla

Gary Busha’s poems speak a Wisconsin lake silence of love . . . of winter stillness, north wind, great fish turning under ice, of water between dock boards, autumn memory, and old men not accomplishing much, fishing in the rain. They read like prayers. – Norbert Blei

Willowdown by Gary C. Busha

Willowdown by Gary C. Busha, 1995, 34 pp. $15Please contact Wolfsong Publications via gbusha@wi.rr.com if you are interested in buying this chap.


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