The Liege Poems by Gary C. Busha & Rich Bowen

The Liege Poems by Gary C. Busha & Rich Bowen

Co-written in a corporate setting, Bowen and Busha satirize the workings of the business world, from management to the little people. Excerpt: “Suddenly I’m a Liege” First stanza:

“As when the mourning dove ushers in the dawn,
I awake to find today I am no longer a pawn.
For like a bolt out of the blue,
suddenly I’m a liege, forsooth, it’s true!”

Liege (lej) 1. A lord or sovereign in feudal law. 2. A vassal or subject owing allegiance and services to a lord or sovereign under feudal law. – American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Houghton Mifflin Co., 0 1981 Houghton Mifflin.

“The Liege Poems are a wry look at all of us who refuse to live in “the now moment”—a kick in the pants to all who think that in the attainment of material wealth lies happiness—a wake-up call to those who are bogged down in vain pursuit of the Almighty Dollar.” — Rich Bowen

“We all serve many lieges—in our government, workplace and home. These poems derive from a common source: servitude to our superiors, peers and others. No matter what we choose to think, we all serve others and often are required to humble ourselves and pay homage. These poems offer a small glimpse into the ways we serve.” — Gary C. Busha

The Liege Poems by Gary C. Busha & Rich Bowen

The Liege Poems, Rich Bowen & Gary C. Busha, 1997, 33 pp. $12Please contact Wolfsong Publications via if you are interested in buying this chap.


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