Factory Rejects: Two for a Nickel


Placing the blame

Read the papers
and try to find a place to put the blame.
One day it’s the politicians taking bribes,
then it’s the boss and incompetence.
Seems like everybody brown nosing.

Cheers a ball game happy when
your team wins. When they lose it’s
the other team to blame.

Blame the other guy.
It’s the other guy who’s a rotten driver
who’s on welfare, someone high on drugs,
the the breaking and entering
destroying our environment, cheating, lying
murdering, corruption everything —
it’s where to place the blame.

Factory Rejects: Two for a Nickel | Selected poems collected over 40 years, this book contains a wide variety of wry observations.

5 USD – Check/cash only – payable to Wolfsong Pubs., 3123 S. Kennedy Dr., Sturtevant, WI 53177 USA. query: gbusha@wi.rr.com – Allow 2 weeks. Provide complete street mailing address. Buy 3 get the 4th one free


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