Bullheads by Gary C. Busha

Announcing the 12th mini, pocket-size chapbook by Gary C. Busha. The book measures 3-1/2 x 4-1/4 inches and is 27 pages. Cover color will vary.

The newest release is Bullheads, featuring the theme of growing, more ol’ man poems, and of course cleaning bullheads. Most of these poems have been published before. This book is a selection of some of them. Here are a couple of excerpts:

The ol’ man levels the dock by eyeball

He drove in the posts and nailed on cross-braces
and got them level enough by eye, and I helped to slide
the three dock sections out and finally the big platform end.
He was wearing hip boots at first and then got the waders.

How does it look? Level enough? Looks good to me, I said.
A little crooked, but good enough for government work, he said.

A few more taps on the posts with the 16-pound sledge
and she’s in solid. Then we carried the bench out to the platform
and put the hand railing on one side.

I got the coffee can full of nightcrawlers and some flat rocks
from the shoreline to hold the cane poles.
The ol’ man blew his nose and spat in the water. I spat too.

Let’s fish, the ol’ man said as he lit a factory rejects cigar.


I believe
a giant octopus
lives in an urn
in the basement
ready to curl its
spiney arms
around me

One day
I find the urn
strung with cobwebs
in a rubble
of dusty lumber
Inside are alligators
in the Sargasso Sea.

5 USD – Check/cash only – payable to Wolfsong Pubs., 3123 S. Kennedy Dr., Sturtevant, WI 53177 USA. query: gbusha@wi.rr.com – Allow 2 weeks. Provide complete street mailing address. Buy 3 get the 4th one free

The Skeptic


Announcing the 11th mini, pocket-size chapbook by Gary C. Busha. The books measure 3-1/2 x 4-1/4 inches and are 27 pages. Color of cover will vary.

The newest release is THE SKEPTIC, featuring a long narrative poem “The Skeptic’s Dream.” Unlike earlier books, this one does not include haiku. Instead, these poems combined have a central philosophical theme of skepticism, self doubt, and various musings. Here is an excerpt:

Hocking Apples

Not that we liked the taste no, the fun was in hocking them right under their noses
and getting away with our caps and pockets full
and proving to ourselves how much courage we had
later sitting under the railroad trestle
polishing them on our knees tasting the bitter fruit
saying the only thing worse than
a worm in your apple was finding half a worm
and acting like they were delicious
rubbing out bellies with pride
when the apples made our bellies ache.

We knew every apple tree in the neighborhood
and we knew which apples were the best
and which trees were the most watched
by crusty old swearing men and sharp-nosed widows
behind lace curtains watching beady-eyed
but we didn’t care they hated us for our sneakiness
and we didn’t care they called us greedy bastards
for hocking what they had worked so hard
to keep for themselves.

5 USD – Check/cash only – payable to Wolfsong Pubs., 3123 S. Kennedy Dr., Sturtevant, WI 53177 USA. query: gbusha@wi.rr.com – Allow 2 weeks. Provide complete street mailing address. Buy 3 get the 4th one free

Gold Mines by Peter Wild


Peter Wild was born in East-hampton, Massachusetts, and went through high school there. His undergraduate and graduate work through the M.A. degree was at the University of Arizona. He has worked as a fire fighter for the U.S. Forest Service and as a writer/re-searcher for the U.S. Army in Heidelberg, Germany. In 1969 he received a Master of Fine Arts degree in writing from the University of California, Irvine. In addition to his poetry, he is an avid conservationist and a contributing editor of High Country News, a newspaper covering environmental affairs in the Rocky Mountains. Presently he is a member of the creative writing faculty at the University of Arizona.

Wild’s poetry in nature oriented and well crafted. Limited copies or both his books are signed and available at $15 per copy. Excerpt:

Shy Person Disrobing, she threw her skin toward the fire, / and being shy / missed. / All we find is a raincoat / on a bench by the furnace / of the daffodils.

Gold Mines by Peter Wild, 1978, 16 pp. $12 – Please contact Wolfsong Publications via gbusha@wi.rr.com if you are interested in buying this chap.

The Lost Tribe by Peter Wild


Limited copies of this early Wolfsong books are available. Wild’s poetry has a wide audience and has stood the test of time. Excerpt:


Everything he does / can be repeated. / He thinks of the saint / so perfect he grew fat / on memories.


The Lost Tribe by Peter Wild, 1979, 16 pp. $12Please contact Wolfsong Publications via gbusha@wi.rr.com if you are interested in buying this chap.

Benthos by Liz Hammond


A highly accomplished poet, the author writes of aging and human relationships. Her writing is energetic and crisp. Excerpt:


And then what? / another explosion, / a vision / life begins again / fuller, freer / true to self / fresh buds in Autumn / the winter wheat / second crop / middle age: / the next birth.

Liz Hammond is originally from the East Coast but has lived several years in Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Waukesha and briefly in Kansas. She currently lives in Waukesha with her husband and two children. Published in Wisconsin Poet’s Calendar, Earth’s Daughters, Hodge Podge and Housewife Writer’s Forum, Liz received a fellowship in poetry from the Kansas Arts Board. Currently she is a staff writer for a suburban Milwaukee news-paper.

Liz Hammond’s poems are a journey, a search to find the com-plexities of “self’ through dreams, through connections with earth, water, sky. We see her “. . . brush away the fog / scrape off the lint.” We watch her “float to nowhere, / in this space that is neither light / nor dark, hot nor cold, / here nor there.” She reminds us that we, too, must take this journey as she did “till I (we) give life to the earth again / and become a field of poems.” – Mariann Ritzer, poet and teacher

In BENTHOS Liz Hammond writes like a woman on fire. Her well-made poems burn and blaze with light and heat. Her energy and excitement are intoxicating; her best lines are crisp and hypnotic. She is a real delight to read. I like BENTHOS very much and heartily recommend it to anyone interested in contemporary American poetry. –Dave Etter, poet

Liz Hammond’s deeply personal poems invite readers to explore an inner world filled with images of silence, water, darkness, stars and dreams. In these poems the maturity of middle age brings with it a yearning for new beginnings, rebirth, and transformation as well as wonder-filled moments of clarity and contentment. Readers who immerse themselves in BENTHOS will discover unexpected pleasures of both self-recognition and revelation. – Philip Zweifel, English professor

Benthos by Liz Hammond, 1998, 28 pp. $12 – Please contact Wolfsong Publications via gbusha@wi.rr.com if you are interested in buying this chap.

Last Hunt by Doug Flaherty


With many years of publishing poetry credits, the author constructs and uses words in his poems beautifully. This collection needs to be read by all serious poets. Excerpt:

Last Hunt / after the Omaha

Tonight as I ride / with my load of buffalo meat, / I am the lone / surviving child of the crow. / I fly with a / wild rose on my head. / But should I die / faster than animal meat, / fall swifter than / the shrivel of flowers, / I will remember / as I gasp the final air / that seed of my body / will live nearly a day / beyond my hunted meat, / the sweet drift of perfume.

Doug Flaherty has published in The New Yorker, The Nation, The Quarterly Review of Literature, Poetry Northwest, and scores of other magazines. Other publications include four full-length books, a half dozen chapbooks and appearances in eight anthologies, including the Random House collection From the Belly of the Shark. The poet has read at universities across the country as well as in Ireland and Mexico. He recorded his poetry at Harvard for the Lamont Library. Flaherty’s art residencies include: Yaddo, Ragdale, and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. He is editor of Wolf Angel Press and teaches American literature and poetry writing at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

“These are poems of humility, wisdom, and awe. In Doug Flaherty’s visions we learn once again that the body, sexual love, and the things that inhabit and/or make up this world are deeply enchanted matters. Flaherty teaches us, once again, that we humans are animals who possess grand souls. I admire Doug Flaherty’s imaginative drive and his craftsmanship.” – Robert Schuler

“Nothing is as it seems in the mystic mind of Flaherty’s LAST HUNT. In images laced with surrealism and Native spiri-tuality, we are at one with the wolf, the stone, the shaman, the whale. . . . Flaherty will bring you full circle in this remarkable collection of poetry and prose poems.” – Mariann Ritzer

“Doug Flaherty deploys words as if they were solid as stone, weighing each carefully one at a time. The poems move to a slow, deliberate beat, yet the mind they embody flies. The com-bination makes for a book that fulfills the dream of The Village Idiot’ to be ‘knotted / and drafty as nets.’ LAST HUNT is drawn together tightly, yet penetrated through by spirit.” – Phil Dacey

Last Hunt by Doug Flaherty, 1998, 34 pp. $12Please contact Wolfsong Publications via gbusha@wi.rr.com if you are interested in buying this chap.

Grace – A Book of Days by Robert Schuler


What I’ve learned to anticipate from Bob Schuler’s poems is not only the wonderfully precise powers of his observation but the ecstatic sweep of awareness that accompanies it—from Bach to Blues, from Lu Yu to Matisse. These are celebrations that can only come from one truly thankful for words and for living. — Mark Vinz

These new poems by Robert Schuler show the dense, evocative language so characteristic of his work. His midwestern landscapes, birds, flowers, trees, weather, fish and rivers are not so much described as reconstituted. They exist as thick brush strokes in painting or notes in music—arts alluded to again and again in the poems. His poems are brief yet rich, rereadable, their play of word in sound and sense rewarding the reader each time. The intensity of vision, the craft, the imaginative independence of this poet are remarkable. His is a body of writing that still awaits full discovery and appreciation. — Ralph J. Mills, Jr.

Schuler’s poetry appeals to me. It may be the water with fish, the birds, the flowers. It may be the blaze of colors or the jazz rhythms. In GRACE, all of these elements carry us across a plane, not a cycle, of time. We are given to imagine a moment of grace where one might live forever. — Chris Halla

A prolific poet and long-time teacher, professor Schuler uses careful, evocative language to describe trees, birds, and seasons. Excerpt:

Winter Light

the white / wine of light / poured into the black / glass

Robert Schuler is a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI. This is the ninth collection of his poems to be pub-lished. A refugee from California, Schuler spends most of his spare time writing, meditating, walking, skiing and fishing in Wisconsin, an endless source of mys-tery, beauty, and delight.

Wolfsong is a publisher of contemporary poetry. Limited, signed copies of Wolfsong books are available upon request. Address inquiries to: Wolfsong Publications 3123 South Kennedy Drive Sturtevant, Wisconsin 53177

Grace by Robert Schuler, 1995, 30 pp. $12 – Please contact Wolfsong Publications via gbusha@wi.rr.com if you are interested in buying this chap.